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Colin Smith

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Hurdles are easier than brick walls [Jun. 13th, 2010|09:21 pm]
Colin Smith
I was speaking with Eleanor Yule and said I had failed my College Course in TV Production. At the time I may blame others, but one would like to say it was me.

Here is what happened at college though. I went there for the NC and I coasted through it, probably not putting in 100%. I don't think I even got an NC, but because I did well in my projects I got into the HNC.

I did a year at the HNC and only maybe got half the units. I then had to repeat the year. I foolishly volunteered to edit a stage show, which was riddled with problems. It was 4 hours long as well. If I thought Billy and Tim was long! I spent 4 months working on it.

I was told I could put this towards my final end of year project, but i said I wanted to do a film project. I wanted to do a work of fiction, but we were only allowed to do documentary. I eventually became inspired to do a doc idea and so I came up with one, but by the time everything was planned there was no kit available. Despite starting to catch up and pick up these other units without the main one I wouldn't pass.

It was my own fault, it be cowardly to blame others. Life will throw you hurdle's, but only you can choose to turn back or jump over them. Someone else might have put the hurdle down, but you've got to be the one who jumps down.

We can jump over the hurdles other people put down, but often we decide to build a brick wall behind that hurdle.
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March Madness! [Mar. 27th, 2009|11:08 pm]
Colin Smith
Been at the cinema for about three months now! I need to make sure I fill in my form to get one of those cast passes now so I can get discounts. I still enjoy it. I hadn't been in work for about 5 days tday and when I went in I felt like I missed the place. I went to see 'Mall Cop' afterwards. Was nothing special though. Shows you the power of advertising haha! It was a toss up between that and 'Knowing'. Both started at the same time; 6:40. I finished at 7. I thought I would rather miss the start of 'Mall Cop' than 'Knowing'.

The Crews is so close to finishing! We filmed scenes with David Hayman and Anne Downie now as well as getting the coverage for the shitty car scene. I'll need to edit it together and see if the shots work though because I've had to do a bit of cheating as we couldn't take the police car to the location we were filming at.

We've got approx 5 1/2 days left to go. Once thats done we've filmed all of our first draft shoots of The Crews. It's getting on though and everyone wants principal photography to be finished. Originally it was planned to be only a three week shoot. But as Rabbie Burns would say, the best laid schemes of mice and men... Filming the scenes with David Hayman gave everybody a bit of a jump start, but then that momentum has now dried up as well a bit. It's a bit like going for a jog. You start out with lots of energy, but as it goes on and u get to the end you start to puff and pant and you become focussed on getting to the finish line.
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EVERYTHING!!! LOL [Jan. 17th, 2009|11:36 am]
Colin Smith
[Current Soundtrack |Last of the Mohicans score]

Been at the Cinema job now for a month. Got two pays so far. Getting paid more in two weeks at the cinema than 4 weeks at Big W now. I think thats quite good. Although am doing more hours at the cinema. I am enjoying it at the cinema more...being a new job an all. I did two open shifts this week. Made a few mistakes etc, but a didn't really get my open on my second day fully done until it was time for me to go my break, which was cool as my break was at 1 and so I was kept very busy for the first four hours.

I had to finish off my training booklets that day. Annoying thing was I had done most of the training books that were pertinent to my job, but there was a booklet I had to for the Box office. I found that one quite difficult to do as a lot of the answers were not in that booklet. However there was another booklet I did on my break one day. Cinema Gift Card Booklet. That was an easy one because most of the answers were found by reading the information in the booklets. I got the Box office booklets done eventually with help from Gregg. After that shift I went to see Yes Man. Quite funny. I wonder what it would be like to say Yes to EVERYTHING! lol I thought it was funny and I quite liked the self help aspect about the movie as well. Best line of the movie is when Jim Carrey comes out of the Yes convention and is asked for a lift by a homeless guy. He has to say yes. The Homeless guy casually says "I don't often get a response from people, but I seem to have a lot of luck outside this hotel."

So I've also noticed recently that I've done well to not drink any irn bru for a long time. I can't remember when the last time was, but I've been turning to Sprite now as its caffeine free. The last two nights I've fallen asleep a lot easier than most times. Still struggling to get up out of my bed earlier. Got up today just before 11, but thats because I was supposed to be meeting Kyrie today. I think she's overslept her ass with all the drinking the night before, haha! Been drinking more water of lately, although the last few days I've been inconsistent. No excuses really. Been aiming for at least three glasses a day. The way I see it three glasses is easy. And three glasses a day is better than no glasses a day. Also when I've been in the house ave been aiming to have a healthy lunch as well. And then at night it doesn't matter what I do. I believe its better than nothing. So my lunch will maybe be a tune or ham Sandwich with apples, bananas, oranges and a yogurt with it.

Been back at basketball last two weeks. First week back I went a bit over the top runnin my ass off and I was sore for a few days. Last week i took it a wee bit easier, but I did feel a bit stronger though. Did a lot better. We got a training on tuesday and a game on wednesday so we'll need to see how it goes. I would personally for the teams benefit prefer to be put out the cup and into the consolation cup as I think we have a better chance in that, Whereas if we progress in the SLBA cup then we'll come up against the big Div 1 teams. We're getting beter, but not that much better yet.

The Crews is moving on slowly. We've cast a few more people for our guest spots and thats went well with that. We're looking to film the rest of the shoot in jan/feburary.
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Tell am that Gods Gonna Cut Em down! [Jan. 5th, 2009|01:53 pm]
Colin Smith
[Current Soundtrack |God'll Cut You Down by Johhny Cash]

So it's a few days into the new year. Whats been happening then?

Well thats my reign at Woolworths over now. Finished my last shift yesterday. The last two days were pretty tough just from being boring. It's an absoloutely terrible thing doing a job just for the money especially one you don't enjoy and it's only minimum wage. I stayed there out of convenience as I always felt if I went to a new job I would be stuck in a new job where I didn't know anyone and would find it difficult to get shift swaps. However the felxibility of the new cinema job is interesting. It's not set shifts each week. It's all based on your availability. So your shifts could vary. Such as this weekend coming am working saturday night and thats it. Not working on the sunday. It will be an interesting job in that way. There was an aspect about working in Woolies that I liked and that was round about the time I was doing the Crews. I was rotating so many shifts that I was rarely working my weekends, but working round different shifts and I kinda liked that idea of it. Still the job was bad mind you, but hey.

So what do I like about Cineworld. At the moment I don't mind servng customers on the till. It's different in that you have to fetch an order for the customer and it could be anything. You also do lots of other things like filling p pop corn and stock and cleaning. You also get a set ammount of money for your till and given it personally. Unlike in big W it was a bloody free for all.

So on saturday the shifts started kinda slow and it got busier, but all I wanted was to finish. The shop is now full of crap. It was probably a lot of crap to begin with. There wasn't a lot of great stuff on offer. Now its full of poor minorities coming in and grabbing what they could and then deciding they don't want half of it by the time I get to the till. Now am not being racist. it is just a fact is all. And it's usually the crap of the day as well. I need to go in on tuesday to get the forms for redundancy so I wonder what the shop will look like then. It was a ghost town the other day. Now it's gonna be doom town!

I think Woolwoths was a dying store anyway and in the immortal Words of Johnny Cash's cover "You can run on for along time, sooner or later God'll cut you down!"
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Day 1 2009 [Jan. 1st, 2009|05:24 pm]
Colin Smith
[Current Soundtrack |Last of The Mohicans OST]

So it's Day 1 of a New Years then.

Last night I spent my New Years as normal. I remember asking an old school teacher what he got up to and he said that it was just like every other Saturday night. Well with that in mind its like that for me. Every Saturday night I usually don't do anything. Mainly coz I am usually working the next day. Not long to go though before I finish at Woolworths and only have the cinema job, which will mean varying shift patterns. I've worked probably every single saturday for the past six years with the exception of shift swaps and holidays. Granted as a cinema is busiest on saturdays I will still be working on saturdays, but by the looks of it not every saturday.

So last night I did an hour on grading The Hitchhiker, a film I filmed a long time ago and have been working on now and again. I'm gonna put in an hour each day on it. Eventually it will get somewhere with it, but I need to finish it as it wasn't written or financed by me so I owe it to he writer, Joe McArdle, to finish it off as it's a good wee story.

So ended up talking to TJ on MSN last night and then hitting the hay about 2:00 having read a bit of a new book I bought by Tony Robbins "Awaken The Giant Within". An interesting book delving into the psychology of our power that lies in the decisions we make.

So woke up today just at the back of 12. A wee bit longer than I should have done, but I have set myself a new standard, which I don't want to ever lie in later than 12:00. I've been lying in to all sorts throughout winter and exhibiting very nocturnal behaviour of lately.

Gran is over for new Years Dinner today as the sister and her family are back in Edinburgh for Malcy's family day.
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The Changes that have come over me [Dec. 31st, 2008|05:36 pm]
Colin Smith
[Current Soundtrack |Amy MacDonald - Poison Prince]

I was looking at my old posts today and its funny reading some of them. It's posts from 4 years ago in October and I am talking about how I was going to get a new job somehow and leave Big W. So many posts of how I hate the job. So many posts about fear and rejection. 4 years on and its still kinda the same with me. Look at my last post, talking about me going to go all Anthony Robbins and shit. haha that lasted a while it did!

So lets have a look at the past year:

Early in the year I got a version of Sandwich finished off. It was a temp version with music that I did not have clearance with. Suffice to say a million excuses and its still not properly finished. However we moved on to film The Crews.

The Crews is a TV Pilot for a Scottish Gangster series based on the characters in Sandwich. We started filming that in august. Still not done, but the project was way bigger than we imagined. Thats what happens when you write in scenes in nightclubs, Amsterdam footchases, sex scenes and guys getting thrown off bridges! Gheeze. We are 3/4's of the way through though and so far so good. probably learned a lot. We've done incredibly well though as this is the kind of job that even a seasoned director would find a tough task with all the different locations and chracters and our very limited budget.

-Basketball: So much of my blog was taken up with bball, but over the last year bball has changed. A lot of players have left, the team has dwindled and no longer the same, but the new team, the new squad is winning games, but hey its still good to look back at those entries about the struggling to win.

24 games! 24 staright losses. We eventually won game 25. Now thats heart! Thats a baby learning to walk. We kept on playing and never gave up.

With the recent events in the crews I took a back seat to bball to focus on the crews, often missing trainings and games and having to cancel my standin orders. However I want to show up more next year though and had recently been trying to get back into the swing of things. Just gotta show up more. 80% of success is showing up.

I wonder if my life has had less activity and thus less to write about?

Or I wonder if I am just lazy?

Or if i have been too busy to write the journal the way I did in the past.

Who knows?!
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(no subject) [Sep. 20th, 2008|11:11 pm]
Colin Smith
So a few days ago I listened to the Anthony Robbins CD "Personal Power" and it encouraged me to keep a journal. I already did keep a journal, well not keep one, but I HAVE a live journal and so here you are Colin writing to it once again.

I liked the CD as it gave me tips on life and gave me another way at looking at stuff. One of the excercises it gave me was to just make sure that I make a decision. Think of something I needed to do and make a decision to do it. Well at that point of listening to the CD I was in bed so when it got to the end the only thing I could think of was to make sure I went right to sleep. So I turned off the CD players, turned out the light and shut eye right away with no hesitation. Granted it took me a while to getto sleep it was the decison to not fart about after I finished the CD.

The next day I also thought about what I needed to do so I tidied up my room and continued working on Jim Sweeeny's acting show reel.

I like what the CD says as Robbins says that if you only make 1% change every day then after 100 days you may have made a 100% change.

I am also fed up of eating loadsa crap as well as I can see that its having an effect on me. So tomorrow I am gonna make the decision that I won't eat crisps. Thats my 1% change for that day. I will go for a jog as well if I have the time. After I write this journal I am going to watch the self help video to help stop overeating. I followed the routine for a while, but I didn't really follow through with it.

Any time I make a decision it should be like a jump shot. I gotta follow through on it.

Tomorrow I will still have myself a wee fizzy drink if needs be, but I'll change that 1% of no eating crisps.

I don't have a wide pallete of what I like so when I list the foods I like to eat it tends to be junk food. In the last week I've probably eaten the following:

-Chicken fried rice (3 takeaways)

The only thing I've had which could be considered healthy is:-

-Tuna Mayonaisse (altho I am told that Mayo is fattening).

The last time I tried the Anthony Robbins routine for helping you beat overeating it was a gutter as i didnt follow through on it. The one thing I did stop doing for a while was stop eating between meals and I only had a wee portion of crisps at lunch time. I suppose that could be considered a 1% change as I stopped eating after my meals at night. I choose to not eat anything after my meal as I heard that was a big way to put on weight by having a snack at night time.

I'm not in anyway a fat bastard, but I did catch a photo of me on a film shoot and I thought I saw some pudginess and thats made me realise uh oh!

Anyhow. will end that entry just now, but change for tomorrow is...

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Projects I'd like to work on in my career [Nov. 8th, 2007|12:08 am]
Colin Smith
-James Bond Movie
-Gangster TV Series
-Scottish Adventure Movie
-Stargate Fan Film
-Re-invent Star Trek :-D
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1 Day Later... [Oct. 27th, 2007|01:01 am]
Colin Smith
Thats day 1 down. Today went well as could have been. Kyrie the 1st AD was on fire running the floor very well. Carter handled the design and the lab dressing went well. Dave Rattray worked well with John. I called about to try and get a Unit Base for tomorrow. I don't think I'll hear back from the Unit Base idea for the monday at Cumbernauld. I wonder if they'll have a room we can use at the Airport???

Well I think I'll boost. in other news though today felt good as I got a shave tonight and it was using new blades I had bought. If I hadn't changed it would have been really sore as this was like a hot knife through butter!
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28 Days Later.... [Oct. 26th, 2007|01:11 am]
Colin Smith
Well it seems like it's been a while since I last posted to my Journal. What shall I be writing about for myself in one years time?

This weekend I am about to, actually tomorrow I am about embark on a production for a fan film called "The Rage" which is a 28 Days/Weeks Later fan film being shot in Glasgow. I co-wrote and co produced this little film along with Carter Ferguson whom I worked with previously on the Battlestar Galactica project. Except this time it's him directing. I wish it was me though, mainly because i love directing, but secondly because Carter has been left a bit in the lump with Design elements that have been stressing him out a bit and he's not really had the chance to properly sit down and direct. However it does feel different to go into a fairly big shoot and not be directing.

How big? At least 25-30 cast and crew each day. About 10 infected each day as well. Although it isn't any longer then say Sandwich, it certainly is a bigger project in scale. Kolin and I are saying that it is good to do because it's practice run for The Crew's.

Well I better boost. I just had a shower and it's 1.15. I gotta be up early. I just finished making Sandwiches for The Crew for tomorrow and I gotta go watch the rest of a Sopranos so my hair can dry. Not being all girly, but I don't have a hair dryer and am not gonna go to sleep with soggy hair.
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